Life Coach

Empowering women who feel lost and disconnected from their Divine Feminine power in finding their purpose through 1:1 coaching sessions & holistic/spiritual guidance, in order for them to co-create the life of their dreams! A unique program comprised of different modalities such as yoga & meditation, journal prompts, learning and using the Law of Attraction, how to create a self-care routine and stick to it, as well as much more! Think of it as women empowering women. Receive a personalized version of my proven 5-step method program and 1:1 guidance to reaching your wellness goals.

About the program

I created The Goddess Glow-Up Coaching program in order to offer a step-by-step individualized approach that helps women:

  • Cultivate a healthy lifestyle comprising of a self-love/care routine
  • End their fear and self-doubt
  • Work through past traumas and ideas that have us living unpleasant/unhealthy cycles and situations
  • Understand their depression and anxiety and get to the root of the issues in order to create more uplifting experiences
  • Feel fully confident in themselves
  • Manifest their dream life (professional, health, and personal goals)
  • Find and LIVE their purpose

In this program, I not only share what I learned through my personal journey of healing and not FULLY living but also incorporate yoga, meditation techniques, a guide to holistic nutrition, energetic therapies and more!