After spending nearly a decade of my life struggling with anxiety, depression and just not feeling like best myself, I found myself really needing a change. My relationships with my friends and family were suffering immensely, I had lack of motivation to do anything and I really felt like this planet would be better off without me…

It was then I started my journey of discovering spirituality and finally making the link that in order for me to feel WELL, I needed to be present with my mind, my body, and my spirit and create that change from within me. It really was all in my hands.

It is said that 1 in every 5 adults suffers from anxiety and depression… and though I have definitely been one of those people, I can say that I’ve gathered the tools to create a different life for myself! Our culture and society have ingrained in us that we must always “be positive” or that there’s a quick-fix to us not living our best life. When the reality is, if we really want to make a long-lasting change, we must align our habits and lifestyle to suit our unique needs.

Yoga Alliance
Certifies Self-Love Coach